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sorry, my previous journal entry was so old...
I'm very lazy at writing in journals :)

so, now I'm again in Japan (from March)
And now I'm planning to stay here for a long time

I visit my sumi-e classes again, so I want to put here new pictures soon
also I have several pictures on computer,
and I hope to draw something psycedelic (I have some scraps already)

and it is the very good news for me - that there are 10000 pageviews on my page
Well, on this Thursday I have to return to Russia.

I spent about three months in Japan and I really loved this country with it's beautifull nature, it's people, it's futurism and strong traditions...

I met here interesting people, saw many amazing places and began to study japanese language.
And I also were inspired to do some pictures. It's "The Ume's Song" and "Maneki neko's tree"...
And also I visited sumi-e classes and do some sumi-e pictures.
You can see some of them in my gallary.
So, this was one of the best time in my life :) (may be all times are the best :) )

And I'll be glad to return to Japan again.